About Gemofthesea


I created Gem Of The Sea on January 27th 2014. Growing up I come from a very artistic family that believes in following your dreams. My grandmother is a local artist here in San Francisco and my brother is involved in the music industry in San Francisco as well. Having family members like my brother and grandmother inspired me to do what I love. So I started Gem Of The Sea as a creative outlet. It is a place where I can escape from reality and fully tune into what I love, Fashion! I was looking for a way to connect with people and show women you can still look great while shopping on a budget. I believe that true style is a sense of self, a confidence and graciousness that is evident to everyone you come in contact with. Because style is about taking a look and making it your own, stamping your personality in this crazy world as you walk down the street every day. I don’t consider myself an expert on fashion nor do I think my style is for everyone, but through this blog I wish to inspire you with outfit ideas so you can take and turn it into a style of your own. I hope you enjoy my blog and get inspired!

Celina Marie

Instagram @Gemofthesea_

Contact info: Celinamarie08@gmail.com


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