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LIFE CHAT: Lessons from 25 (26th Birthday)



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“Everyday I see your growth it is inspiring. Your compassion moves me to want better for myself and out of life; I thank you for that. I feel we both agree that in our past we have had experiences that were a waste of time but I’ll tell you the truth that the times we have spent together has been some of the happiest days of my life…..
Happy Birthday Cece!”

Yesterday was my 26th birthday. It’s crazy to think that I’m already half way through my twenties. Where did the time go? 25 has been a rocky year for me that has taught me how to be patient, loving and strong. . Although I feel like not much has happen this year when I look back a lot has actually happened. I felt like when I was 24 I really started to discover who I was and at 25 I found myself. 25 was the year that I finally moved back home with my family after living on my own for 7 years. I was so use to being on my own and dealing with life by myself that, it took a lot of adjustment for me to realize that’s what family is for. This was also the year that I started going to church. Crazy thing is that I grew up in a Christian home but I never considered myself a true Christian. I believed in God but I still wanted to do things my own way. When I was 24 I ended up dating someone that I knew from when I was 19 years old running wild lol. This person and I got really close and out of no where he started serving God. He was so on fire for God that’s all he would talk about. Now you see even though he was on fire I was still stuck in my ways of partying hard but I had already came to the point of my life where I was tired of it. The fact that he wanted to serve God didn’t bug me because I grew up in a Christian home and knew that I was coming to that point as well. We hung around each other so much that his faith eventually rubbed off on me and at 25 I started changing for the better. Now I’m not going to get into details on my relationship with him because that is for another post (long story). But what I have learned form that experience is that no matter what a person puts you through, it is important to continue to show Gods unfailing love. That doesn’t mean to be naïve and get emotionally attached to that person again but rather to just be a friend to the person in their time of need. Some people want to sit around a bash me for this but it’s only because they still haven’t experience what I have. I’m sooo thankful for all the lessons and blessings that have come along with being 25 and I’m looking forward to this next year being 26!

As for my birthday the celebration is still not over! Tonight I am going to dinner at MUA Oakland with some friends. I’m soo excited because I’ve been wanting to eat here for such along time. Yesterday March 23rd was my actual birthday, I started my day by cooking myself a fat breakfast then taking a trip to the mall and going on a little shopping spree. Once I got home I sat on the coach and just relaxed until it was time for my dinner. I went to Moon Star Buffet in Daly City. It’s an all you can eat buffet with crab, oysters, muscles, sushi, shrimp, ramen, bbq and Chinese food. Let me tell you I mist have gained 10lbs cause I ate for like 5 people. Below is what i wore for my birthday dinner plus some fun pictures with my family!

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LIFE CHAT: God’s Plan



Leather Jacket: Zara
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” The Most Beautiful Love Can Still Come From A Broken Heart”


As I was sitting on my bed staring at my laptop trying to decide what I should write about on my next blog post, my email notification went off. I grabbed my phone and as I looked at the notification there was a name on my screen. A name of my past, a name of a person that I had trusted whole heartily only for them to betray me. When I seen this name in my inbox I had mix feelings. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to read the email or send it straight to the trash. You see this person has tried to get in contact with me more then once before and I normally would just trash the letters, emails and even texts all together without reading them. This person had hurt me 8 years ago and I was still walking around with a grudge. But now that I’m getting older, I’m starting to learn about the power of forgiveness, not just for the other person but for myself. So I decided to read the email….

After 8 years I decided that for the first time I was going to hear what this person had to say and I’m glad I did. You see what I realize is that the real person who got betrayed wasn’t me but was the person who did the betraying, because after all this time I had moved on but that person is still stuck in the same place trying to forgive themselves. This person went on to write me about how much of an impact that I made in their life and how proud they are of me because after everything that I’ve gone through I still remain with hope that one day the storm will past. You see after this person had betrayed me the real storm began. I was hurt so I took it out on my family and tried to cover the pain through substances that eventually had me out on my own at the age of 18. I was young and heart broken which lead me astray for the next 6 years of my life. When I was young and going through this time I didn’t quite understand why. You see prior to this I was the most sweetest loving person you could ever met. I didn’t know why I ended up hurt in the end when I had done nothing wrong. But let me tell you, God has a purpose behind everything. Little did I know that the next 6 years of my life was going to be full of heartache, betrayal and loneliness. But at the end of it all God was going to restore me into a strong, courageous women who’s testimony was going to give new hope to the broken and lost, young girls and women who were just like me.

I’m far from perfect and I’m still learning how to let go of parts of my past but through these “Life Chat” series I want to share how God is working in me. I hope these chats will encourage you to keep going because there is light at the end of the tunnel even if you can’t see it. I want to thank every person who is reading this and for all the words of encouragement I’ve received. Stay tune because this is just part 1 of my story.

Celina Marie

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