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Every respectable fashionista, blogger, fashion journalist, photographer, stylist or editor knows who Olivia Palermo is. I mean with a style like hers it’s pretty hard to go unnoticed in the fashion industry. I love how she mixes prints, uses pops of color, wears layers (sometimes 2 jackets) and fur all brilliantly accessorized. When asked about her style she describes it as classic with an edge, and quite eclectic. She’s not as fashion forward or risque taker as Rihanna is for instance, but she manages to dress classic and make it appear modern and trendy. Her look is always refined and rather pretentious at times and I think she gets this luxurious vibe from the quality of her clothes: fine textures, rich fabrics and best cuts. Another thing that I just love about her is the way she accessorize. Quite often she’s seen with statement necklaces over knitted tops or basic blouses. Golden bracelets, her famous watch, cat eye sunglasses, fabulous bags and shoes, and statement rings make her outfits effortlessly glamorous.









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