Choker Trend




Dress: Forever21
Choker: Forever21
Heels: Zara

Hey loves! Today I want to talk about one of summers hottest trends “The Choker”. I’m sure you guys have been seeing them everywhere. Chokers can be worn in so many ways to complete the perfect outfit. They are the perfect minimalist and chic finishing touch. You can even layer them on for a more dramatic statement piece look. Lately I’ve been wanting to wear a choker with every outfit. I feel like it can make the most simple outfit look cool and edgy, so I’m trying to restrain myself.  This trend will defiantly carry on into your fall wardrobe so make sure you get your hands on a cute one or two! I wore this look to a dinner with some old friends from high school. I found this super cute spaghetti strap dress at Forever 21 for just $12 and thought that a choker would be the perfect chic 90s touch to complete the look.  Below are some more photos of my look, hope you guys enjoy!

Celina Marie







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