Spring Trench Coat



Trench Coat: Forever 21
Dress: Forever21
Heels: Forever 21

“Even in our darkest times, God is still there. His light will always shine. You are not alone.”

Hi Everyone!

So I took a two week break form all my social media accounts because of some personal things I had going on. But I’m finally back on and I can’t wait to start posting more for you guys. I want to thank everyone who took the time to read my first life chat. I got nothing but positive feed back from everyone and I can’t wait to start sharing more with you guys.  I want to dedicate the quote that is in this post to anyone who is going through a dark time. A friend of mine posted this quote on their social media account a while back and is currently going through a struggle. When I heard about their struggle I couldn’t help but remind them of this quote they posted. You see sometimes God allows us to go through a trial  because where we are headed is only going to destroy us. He allows a small shaking to take place so that we can wake up and open our eyes before things get worst. It’s important to remember that everything that happens in our lives has purpose and at the end of it all God’s light will shine….

As for everything else I’m super excited that it is finally daylight savings. That means  longer days which results in more hours to blog! It’s been nothing but rainy these past couple weeks so I took advantage of the weather and decided to shoot this spring coat. I had this coat for such along time already. It was one of the first things I purchased when I started my first job at Forever 21 in 2008 and I am still in love with it!








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