Gem Of The Sea Turns 2!!




Top: Forever 21
Skirt: Forever21
Heels: Aldo
Watch: Target
Gold Bracelet: Mexico

“She’s a perfect piece of imperfection, beautiful, flaws and all.”
-R.H. Sin

Two years ago today I decided to start Gem Of The Sea. Yes Gem Of The Sea is finally two!! I started my blog as a school assignment for my fashion writing and publicity class. I got really into the assignment and decided to keep Gem Of The Sea going even after I graduated. This blog has become more then just a class assignment it became my creative outlet. A place where I can express what I see on the runways and magazines and turn into a style of my own. My blog has been mainly about fashion but now that I’m done with school and 2016 is finally here I’m hoping to change that. This year I’m going to be having some huge life changes and would love to share my journey with you guys!

I feel like these pass two years I’ve been struggling with what I would like my blog to be about. Of course style, but I also want it to be a place of inspiration. Being a young women in this generation can be hard because we are bombarded with pressure from the media and our peers more than ever before. This generation needs positive women role models that we can look up to and inspire to be like. I started a #WCW tab on my blog about inspiring women from the bible and their stories on how they got through tough times. Something else that I am starting to do (this is the first post) is post and inspirational quote before each post. I decided to go with this quote from R.H. Sin because It took me many years of inner work to discover what loving myself looks like for me. I know I haven’t explained a lot about who I am or my life story on my blog but that is something I want to start doing. I went through a really tough time in life where I was on bad terms with my family, I was homeless living out of my car and I didn’t care about a thing in the world. But somehow in the mist of all that craziness I never let go of the passion God put in my heart for fashion. I will be starting a “Life Chat” tab where I will be sharing parts of my life with you guys and how God can turn any situation around (trust I was a hot mess lol). I’m thankful for each and everyone of my readers and I’m excited to take you guys along with me on this journey!

Celina Marie

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