#WCW Bathsheba


This weeks Women Crush Wednesday goes to Bathsheba. Bathsheba is known in the bible for being one of King David’s wifes and giving birth to Solomon who ruled as king after David. But what you probably don’t know is that Bathsheba went through a lot before she secured the title as queen. Bathsheba’s beauty made her victim to a king’s desire. Though it is difficult to discern her true character, she seems to have found the courage to endure tragedy, winning the king’s confidence and eventually securing the kingdom for her son Solomon. Her sorrow was to have been molested by a supposedly godly man, who then murdered her husband and later had to suffer the lost of her son.  Before I go into why I picked her as my WCW I’m going to give you a brief summary on Bathsheba and King David.

Their story goes like this…..One day, David watches a woman bathing from the rooftop of his palace. He summons the woman, Bathsheba, and has sex with her, and the woman becomes pregnant. Unable to disguise his indiscretion, David sends her husband, Uriah, to die on the battlefield. David marries Bathsheba, but Nathan confronts the king about his wrong doing. Nathan tells a parable about a wealthy man who steals a poor man’s only prized sheep. David is outraged by such selfishness, and Nathan informs David that the parable is about him. Nathan predicts that God will bring calamity on David’s household. David repents for his wrongdoing, but, despite his fasting and praying, Bathsheba’s son dies during childbirth. Afterward, David and Bathsheba have another son, Solomon.


When reading this story I was confused on why Bathsheba had to suffer along with the man who molested her and murdered her husband. Though the story gives us little insight into her true character, it is hardly likely that Bathsheba was in a position to refuse the king. In Nathan’s parable she is depicted as an innocent lamb. Why, then, have so many people painted her has a seductress? Maybe Bathsheba’s innocence is too painful to face. That a good person can suffer such tragedies at the hands of a Godly person, appalls us. Worse yet, God punishes both of them and takes their son. If we can believe that Bathsheba had an affair with David, we can accept her suffering more easily. Though Bathsheba may not have understood the reason for her suffering, God gave her favor with King David, making her both a powerful queen and a mother of David’s successor, Solomon, who became famous for his great wisdom.

What we can learn from Bathsheba story is; If you have suffered abuse, whether sexual, physical, or emotional, don’t burry your feelings, absorbing the shame and guilt that belong to the abuser. Determine, as Bathsheba did, that you will not let someone else’s sin ruin your life, learn the skills of a survivor. Even if you never been abuse but might know someone pray that God will restore their hope. No situation is greater than God, though, Bathsheba didn’t deserve what happened to her she gave her worries to God and with them he restored her faith and made her queen.  This goes to show that God can change any situation for the better!

Celina Marie


One thought on “#WCW Bathsheba

  1. I love love love this! So inspirational! Bathsheba my new role model. Thank you for shedding new light on her story!

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