Shop Mavatar Launch Party



Last week I got invited to a launch party for Mavatar which is a tech startup in Silicon Valley that brings together smart shoppers and influencers. This exciting event was hosted by the San Francisco 49ers with cocktails at 6pm followed by a fashion show with the 49ers Gold Rush Cheerleaders. I was invited to this event along with a group of other bloggers for a chance to see how the “Shop Mavatar” app works to be a featured influencer. Basically, how it works is I would create my own cart with some of my favorite items from my favorite stores, share the cart with all my followers and the public so that you guys can see what I purchase and be able to get the chance to buy it. As a shopper you would download the “Shop Mavatar App” and browse or shop across trusted stores & influencers (like myself) post, all in one personal shopping cart. You’re able to compare prices so that you’re guarantied to get the best price. Discounts and coupons are also given when shopping with the “Shop Mavatar” app. You can download the app buy going to your app store and typing “Shop Mavatar” or typing in your browser. I had such a great time at this event and got to meet a bunch of local fashion bloggers like myself. I look forward to shopping with the Mavatar cart to find great deals and being able to share them with my readers!.

Here are a few photos of what I wore to this event plus some pictures of the event and fashion show. Enjoy!


Celina Marie








Me and Zoha from the blog


Fashion Show with the 49ers Cheerleaders

mavatar 3




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