#WCW….. RUTH a women of INTEGRITY


I want to start doing something a little different with my blog. When I first started this blog I had intentions of it not just being a fashion blog but a blog that also gives motivation and encouragement. Somewhere along the line I lost site of that ( or just got lazy) and stuck to strictly fashion. I came up with the idea of doing a Women Crush Wednesday post every Wednesday but instead of the post being about some pretty girl wearing barely anything, I decided I want my WCW to be a inspirational women from the bible. So this week’s WCW goes to Ruth one of the only women in the bible to have a whole book dedicated to her. Ruth is known as a women of integrity. When given the choice to go back to her roots and be with her own family after her husband died, she choose to stay and take care of her bereaved mother in law. She remained faithful by doing menial work to provide for her and Naomi. Her character was on display at home, at work and in her community. She remained the same and consistent in all areas of her life. Because of this God redeemed her  through Boaz, even though to many she may have seemed un worthy.


God desires for us to see Ruth and Boaz’s union as an example of how he “notices”, loves and redeems each of us, especially those who feel as though life has ravaged all promise and purpose. Ruth was a women who lacked the right pedigree, position and purity that most people would have expected a man like Boaz to desire. She was not Jewish, but a foreigner. She was not a virgin but a widower. She was not wealthy and was less than a servant girl.  Yet, she obtained favor from an honorable man who loved her wholeheartedly and willfully provided, protected, covered, prayed for, and ultimately redeemed her. Boaz loved Ruth because of her character and her heart. We are expected to learn from her story and to follow her example by genuinely submitting to Jehovah God whom she trusted her present and her future with. So to the woman who feels that your situation is so dire and your past so shameful, that no one is equipped to love someone like you be encourage! Because just like Ruth, God to has your Boaz waiting for you.

Celina Marie


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