My Sunday Funday Blogger Date




My whole outfit is from Banana Republic!
Photos by a fellow blogger Zoha check out her blog!

Today was such a beautiful day in my lovely city of San Francisco! … I recently got invite to an event for an app called SHOP MAVATAR. While I was there I met another San Francisco Blogger Zoha who has a fashion and food blog called Posh To Ganache. We decided to have a little “Blogger Date” today and go out for brunch at the Ferry Building and have a little photo shoot session. We couldn’t have picked a better day because the weather was perfectly warm with a little breeze. This was my first time doing a shoot with another blogger and I really enjoyed it. I defiantly want to start linking up with bloggers from the Bay area and start going on “Blogger Dates”.  Meeting people who have similar interests as you is always a good thing especially living in San Francisco where the Fashion Industry isn’t huge it’s always good to build connections. So if you happen to be reading this and you too have a blog and would love to join me for a “Blogger Date” feel free to hit me up so we can schedule something.

As for my outfit I was going for a chic polish look. Below are some more photos of this look plus some pictures from my “Blogger Date”.

Celina Marie




I scored these shoes at Banana Republic this past weekend for $26!



Our Brunch date


blogger date

Follow her Instagram @PoshToGanache and mines @Gemofthesea_


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