“Skinny Ankle Jeans” (Banana Republic)



Head to Toe Banana Republic 

Hey loves! Yes it’s true I have a denim obsession! Color denim, High-waist denim, boyfriend denim and skinny-ankle denim I love them all. On Monday it will be my 25th birthday and with me heading into the second half of my twenties I’ve been trying to redefine my style. I want to step away from mixing bright colors with patterns and extremely trending pieces into a more sophisticated look. I want to start buying more staple pieces that I can use year round and mix them with different trends that come out. With my eye naturally always being draw to patterns and color I still plan on using them in my wardrobe but I have to remember there is a time and a season for each one.

Now this look here is Banana Republic from head to toe. Banana Republic has been trying to re-define themselves as a brand. They’re trying to step away from their older business look into a younger business casual feel. I have to admit that I am IN LOVE with the new Banana Republic! With me trying to redefine my style I feel like Banana Republic is my go to store ( A long with Zara, Express and H&M). For this look I paired a grey cozy turtle neck sweater with my skinny ankle jeans. I thought it would be fun to buy a pair of denim pumps to wear with my jeans for a slight denim on denim vibe. To finish this look I accessorized with sliver jewelry (I’m team sliver now).  Here are a few more photos of my look. Enjoy!






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