“Interview Look”



Coat: Forever 21
White Collar Shirt: Target
Booties: Target
Purse: Thrifted

Hey Loves hope everyone is having a Fabulous day! For today’s blog post I want to talk about interviews. I just recently quit my job as a Visual Merchandiser at Forever 21. I was with the company for the past 6years and I just felt like it was time for me to move on, plus I was sick of working in retail lol. Lately I’ve been busy sending in my resumes and going on interviews and finding the perfect outfit to wear to every interview can get annoying. So what I decided to do was find 1 perfect interview look that I can wear to each interview I go on. For my interview look I decided to go with a black leather pencil skirt and a white collar button down shirt. These to pieces are very classic and you can never go wrong with them. For my black leather skirt I wanted it to be a bit more edgy since I was going to be applying for jobs in the fashion industry. So I picked one out with a sliver zipper detail going down the front of the skirt. As for my layering piece I went with a statement coat which is a combination of wool and leather sleeves (Faux of course). Now instead of stressing out because I don’t know what to wear to any last minute interviews, I have the perfect out!







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