“Style your dresses for Fall”


IMG_3994 (2)

Hey Loves!
Today I wanted to take  some photos of my outfit but realize that I didn’t have my memory card in my camera. So I snapped a few using my iPhone. For todays look I wanted to share with you guys how I style my dresses so that they are suitable for fall. Fall is one of my favorite seasons being that I live in San Francisco and a great fall look is always suitable for our weather. When wearing your summer dresses this fall layer them up with a cardigan, a light weight jacket, and add your favorite booties for the perfect touch. QUICK TIP: When wearing booties in the spring/summer I tend to wear them with no socks, but during the colder seasons I like to wear socks but fold them over so that part of the sock is sticking out of the bootie to add more layering to the look.


IMG_3995 (2)

IMG_3993 (2)

IMG_4002 (2)


3 thoughts on ““Style your dresses for Fall”

  1. hey Celina 🙂 I am also a fashion blogger and I just started following you recently. I love this look, I’ve been dying for a pair of heeled booties. I think it’s such a nice fall look to wear a dress or skirt and booties with bare legs. By the way, I just nominated you on my blog for a Liebster Award, check out the details on my post: http://theintrepidblondist.wordpress.com/2014/08/22/liebster-awards/

    keep the fashion posts coming!! I can’t wait to see more ❤

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