“Denim T-Shirt”



Denim Top: Forever21
Green Jeans/ Heels: Zara
Bag: Aldo

Hey Everyone, hope everyone is off to a good start for the week! Today I want to bring to everyone’s attention the “Denim Shirt”.  Now I Know the denim shirt trend has been in for quite sometime now and we all have seen it in the button down form. But when I was shopping the other day I notice that denim shirts are starting to come in t-shirt and tanks not just the classic button down. So I decided that I had to purchase one and try it out for myself. This denim shirt I purchased at Forever21, it is from their contemporary line “For Love”. I honestly just love this shirt because I feel like it can go with just anything and for this fall and winter it is defiantly a must have item in my wardrobe. So let this be a fair warning that you will defiantly see this item more than once on my blog ;).


FSCN3240 (2)

FSCN3237 (2)

FSCN3238 (2)




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