Night Outfits NYC


Hey Everyone! I’m finally back in Cali and let me tell you I do not know how these New Yorkers live in the winter.
Today was my last day and the weather was 28 degrees I come back home to San Francisco and the weather is
in the 70s talk about a huge difference. Since I didn’t get a chance to blog some of my night outfits I figure
I would put it all into one.

For the first look I wore this outfit to Greenhouse. It’s actually a pretty well known club in NYC
and a lot of Celebs go there that’s how I heard about it.
Jean Vest: Target
Skirt/Bando: Forever21
Heels: Aldo

For the second look we decided to go bar hopping. We hit up a bunch of different spots I had so much
fun in everyone of them. But the one that was really cool is this bar called Iron Horse. The bartenders
get up and dance on the counters just like they do in Coyote Ugly. They have a swing on the bar as well
so people can swing off of.
Bodysuit: American One (Tanforan Mall)
Jean Joggers: Forever21
Heels: Target

For the third look this was my birthday outfit. Me and my friends decided to celebrate it a Club 40/40
in Manhattan. This club is owned by Jay-z so its mostly hiphop, top 40 and reggae. I had such a blast
here we got bottle service and for birthdays they give you a free cake and balloons.
Top/Skirt: Express
Heels: Aldo

Now for this last look I wore it to dinner. I did hit up a lounge after called Whip and got bottle service
a second night as well but I wore a different outfit.
Dress: Peter Pilotto for Target
Necklace: Forever21
Stockings/booties: Target


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