Napa Day Trip (Sliver oak)

Rain in Napa


Hello everyone! yesterday was my good friend Shelia’s birthday. For her birthday my group of friends and I decided to rent a limo and go to Napa for the day. The Limo picked us up at 830am with two bottles of complementary Champaign and took us to two winery’s the first stop was Sliver Oak, they are known for their Cabernet Sauvignon. At sliver oak it was 20$ a person and it came with a tour of the winery and 3 tastings.  Here are some pictures of our day trip and what I wore.


Well the weather in Napa yesterday wasn’t typically ideal! It rain all day and was quit windy but that didn’t ruin us from having a good time! For my outfit I originally wanted to wear a dress but because of the weather I had to change my outfit last minute. So I settled with a white crop sweater that I got from forever21(Still in stores 14.80) and floral palazzo pants that I also got at forever21 (Still in stores 19.80). Too set this outfit over the top I added my burgundy sunhat which turn out to be a good idea because it kept the rain out my face. Looks like sun hats can also be good on a rainy day!



This is the wine being aged, I believe these were from 2012


This is were the wine is 1st kept before they start the ageing process.


Overall we had a great time! I would defiantly recommend coming to Napa with your girlfriends defiantly a good day trip and it isn’t to far from SF. Also renting a limo is the best way to go so nobody has to drink and drive because wine tasting will get you on a buzz!


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