February 5th 2014

“Knits x Leather” February 5th 2014

"Knits x Leather"

“Knits x Leather”

It’s finally starting to feel a little like winter here in the bay area so I thought it would be the perfect day to bring out some Knits! For this look I decided to pair two knits together, my knit sweater and knit scarf. Which was a perfect idea because it inexpertly started raining later on here in the Bay. I wanted to wear my knits to stay cozy but at the same time I wanted to stay chic, so I added the black pleather leggings and my pointy toe strap heels to give the vibe. Like I said before I love color therefore I really wanted to bring out the threads of color in my sweater. So I choose a lime green scarf and a royal blue handbag that I just got at target for 39.99$(still in stock). Hope you guys enjoy this look and get inspired!

"Knits x Leather"

“Knits x Leather”

"Detail shot"

“Detail shot”


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